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Cat Litter Deodorizer

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The ultimate solution for a fresher, odor-free home. Leveraging our exclusive KittySpout FreshFlow Tech, this device scientifically identifies and eliminates bad litter box odors, with an effectiveness rate of over 90%.
  • Breathe easier, live healthier
  • Over 90% deodorization rate
  • FreshFlow Tech neutralize odor sources for a fresh home.
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- Material: ABS
- Net weight: 92g
- Power on mode: touch switch
- Deodorization method: ozone
- Ozone concentration: > 20PPM
- Dimensions: 86*98*28mm
- Working environment: Temperature -10~45 C, Humidity 25%-609RH
- Rated power: 0.5W
-Power supply mode: three AAA batteries (not included)
-Set includes: Deodorizer + Cable + Instructions

Why The Cat Litter Deodorizer™?

Welcome Home, Freshness
Say Goodbye To Cat Litter Box Odors

With the Smart Cat Deodorizer KittyFlow, you're tackling the most challenging odors head-on. By transforming those potent litter scents into non-toxic, odorless compounds, you ensure a fresher, safer environment so both you and your cat can enjoy cleaner air, free from the typical litter box nuisances.

✔️ Over 90% deodorization rate
✔️ Two modes of sterilization
✔️ Dual-effect purification with our patented FreshFlow Tech by KittySpout

With Over 90% Deodorization Rate
Breathe Cleaner, Fresher Air

The Smart Cat Deodorizer KittyFlow isn't just a simple odor masker – it's an odor destroyer. Leveraging the KittySpout FreshFlow Tech, it precisely identifies and neutralizes odor culprits like hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and fecal scents, ensuring they're gone for good.

Where Your Cat Goes, Freshness Follows
Designed for Every Cat's Corner

Whether it's the litter box, or the cat bed, KittyFlow fits seamlessly. Its compact design and efficient operation make it ideal for these critical spots. Say goodbye to bad odors and hello to a pleasant home environment.

Two Modes for Optimal Freshness

The Smart Cat Deodorizer KittyFlow offers two distinct modes to suit your preferences and needs.

✔️ Continuous running mode: round-the-clock odor elimination, ensuring consistent freshness at all times.

✔️ Intelligent sterilization mode: every hour, the device springs into action, effectively neutralizing odors, and then taking a rest, providing both efficiency and energy conservation.

Easy To Use

Step 1

Touch the switch once for continuous running

Step 2

Touch the switch again to activate the smart mode, working for 1 hour, then stopping.

Step 3

Press and hold for 3 seconds to shut down


No. It doesn't include the batteries. It needs three AAA batteries to work.

No. It's 100% Cat Friendly and Fragrance Free.

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