If your cat loves playing with the KittySpout you need this. Our silicone mat keeps your KittySpout in place and protects your floors from any scratches, spills or splashes.
  • No spills, splashes, or scratches
  • Raised edges keep water on the mat
  • Pairs perfectly with the KittySpout™
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Your Cat Spills Water When He Uses The KittySpout...

We all want the best for our kitties, that´s probably why you bought the kittyspout in the first place, right?


It also makes a mess every time he drinks because he is too playful with the water, but that´s ok! Every kitty should have fun while also being healthy, nothing wrong with that.

With that in mind...

We started thinking of a way to avoid the trouble of cleaning up each time and we came up with the KittyMat!