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Le KittyCove™

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Our specially designed bed gives cats somewhere to hide and feel more secure than ever before. Did you know cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day? A lack of comfortable sleep can lead to all kinds of physical and mental health problems for cats. The KittyCove is designed for comfort and security, helping reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Blocks noise to reduce stress & anxiety
  • Cloud cushion to ease joint pain
  • Easy to clean - machine washable

Authenticity Notice

It has come to our attention that inferior, counterfeit products are being offered on Amazon under the KittySpout trademark.

Please be aware that KittySpout has never permitted third parties to market or sell our products.

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Your cat deserves the best
Why Your Kitty Needs a KittyCove Bed

Comfort and security are the main features of the bed. The ultra-comfortable, fur-like material provides the foundation of an incredible bed that relaxes your cat’s nervous system. This allows them to calm down faster.

The cove design create a barrier, which emulates your cat curling up to their mother. And gives your kitty all the warmth and security, they could possibly need.

Extra filling and removable, machine washable bed with a waterproof bottom are features that have been overlooked by our competitors. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the rest, providing a premium product for your cat that you will be envious of.

Benefits of The KittyCove

Better Sleep

Incredible Comfort

Unrivalled Quality

Healthier & Happier Kitty

What Makes KittyCove Different?

Cloud Cushion for
Incredible Comfort

We created our bed with additional padding and lots of room inside. The result? Cat heaven and peace of mind for kitty parents.

Sleep Through The Chaos

Your cat needs a bed where they can feel safe and rest easy. Better sleep means a happier kitty and a happier owner.

Perfect For All Cats

Our specially designed beds are made for cats of all sizes and shapes. Whether your cat is just a baby or a big fur ball, they will fit perfectly in this bed.

Unrivalled Quality

You’ve probably seen cheaper, lower quality cat beds. At KittySpout, we decided to prioritize on quality and create a durable bed that will be loved for years to come.


Don´t worry. Our KittyCove bed comes in L and XL size to fit all cats needs. If you have any problem feel free to contact us at

If your cat is a bit hesitant to try it, we recommend removing the cushion and sleeping with it at your feet for a few days. Having your scent on new objects helps cats adjust to new things in their environment. Feel free to try it for 12 months. Don't love it? We'll give you a full refund. No fine print, no questions asked. Just email us at

Our warehouses are located all around the world, so we can ship your product to you in the fastest possible way from the closest location.

Yes, it is.

Feel free to try it for 12 months. Don't love it? We'll give you a full refund. No fine print, no questions asked. Just email us at

4 Key Benefits of The KittyCove

1. Blocks outside noise to reduce stress and anxiety

2. Cloud cushion to ease muscle and joint pain

3. Easy to clean - machine washable

4. Ensures a happy and healthy cat

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